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Les Brown - "It's Possible"

For those who are on your new journey and for those who are seasoned entrepreneurs, Les Brown has to be one of the best motivational speakers that is out there. His speeches are defintely memorable, as you will see in a moment.

Leslie Calvin "Les" Brown (born February 17, 1945) did not start off as a motivational speaker, but as radio DJ. He then became a politician. He is a former member of the Ohio House of Representatives. As mentioned in the title of this post, Les Brown uses the catch phrase "it's possible!" in his motivational speeches and teaches people to follow their dreams as he learned to do. To learn more about Les Brown's life, you can check his website at

I wanted to show you Les Brown in action. The footage is a little dated, but listen to the message. It is a message that is still relevant today. Check it out:

Any thoughts? Listening to these types of mentors and videos will open your mind to a new mindset that will motivate you to take action to where you want to be. Motivation is one thing, and action is another. That will be the subject of another article.

Thank you for taking the time. Live your dream. It's all possible. Keep on smiling!!!!!

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