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JT Foxx - "Millionaire Underdog" (Part 1)

Do you know who JT Foxx is? For those who are entrepreneurs, I am sure you have been to one of his seminars. For those who have not heard of who JT Foxx is, he is without doubt a world renown personality and considered the #1 wealth coach in the world. He is a serial entrepreneur of many companies, brands and property investor. All this success did not come easy. He started out with $974 in his pocket at the age of 24, and never looked back. He built a global empire that spans to over 40 countries and still going strong today. He has been endorsed by such celebrities as Steve Wozniak (Apple Co-Founder), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jack Welch, Kathy Ireland, Speaker of the House Denny Hastert, Senator McCain, Rev Jesse Jackson, just to name a few. You can visit his website to know more about himself and the programs that he offers:

I found a little youtube video on JT Foxx that explains his origins and learn a little more on who he is as a person. I find it is an inspiring story. Check the video below:

I first heard of JT Foxx when he had a free 3-day seminar (2014) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. As is the case in most of these seminars, they are build to target potential students and sell coaching programs. This was not any different. However everyone in the his organizations was very friendly and no pressure on buying into any coaching program. What I also found quite remarkable is that he took the time to take a picture with anyone who was willing to take one. See my picture with JT at that seminar in 2014…

At the same seminar, JT Foxx was pre-selling his book entitled “Millionaire Underdog” , which was supposed to be ready for the Fall of 2014. I decided to purchase one. Afterwards, I followed up numerous times with the JT Foxx organization concerning the book and was told that the book was not finished and that they would contact me once it was done. After 2 years (2016), I figured this was all a scam and that I was now out $50 US. However, to my amazement, in the Fall of 2016, I was contacted by the organization to confirm my mailing address and short after I received my book. JT Foxx had kept his word. Perhaps he could of periodically updated those who had bought the book almost like a progress report, however I got his book. It turned out that this book was quite amazing. It is a blue-print on how to build a solid business foundation for any business that increases your chances of success. I thought that this book was published, but it is not. It is being launched only in September 2017.

Stay tuned for part two where I will review “Millionaire Underdog” book. You will get a sneak peak to what this book is all about before it is launched. If you are intrigued by the book, you can pre-order the book here.

Thank you for taking the time. Keep on smiling :)

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