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Welcome to, an avenue to express my views about various subjects and help you sort out the misleading information that is out there. My goal is to share my thoughts and suggest some resources for you to improve yourself both on a personal and professional level. These are changing times and we would all benefit by listening to different ideas and opinions from each other in order to move forward. The internet is full of misleading information on various subjects like business, e-commerce and the self-improvement industry just to name a few. I want to sort through that and bring you the facts and my opinion from a perspective of an average citizen looking in. My intention is to open a dialogue with the world and determine how we can make this world a better place together as one.

I want this to also be a venue to express my creative side. I do enjoy writing, so you will see my short stories being published here.  You will see reviews I have and continue to write for, an entertainment blog covering movies, music, videogames and comics. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit my official blog. Do not hesitate to comment or send me a message either on Facebook, Twitter or by old fashion email at I always enjoy hearing from my visitors. Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers !!!

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The New Age of Evolution

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In this section, I want to share a few resources I have used myself to help you with your website creation and tools to help you get where you want to be. They are great resources to start you off and propel you onto the next level. You should check these resources on a regular basis. These are regularly updated to ensure these resources are current and that you will not be wasting your time. 

Thank You for stopping by. It is greatly appreciated !!!!

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